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Lab Supplies


The Microdrive unit allows the researcher to place electrodes or guide cannulas at adjustable depths up to 6mm. Each complete revolution of the adjustment sleeve lowers the electrode by 0.45mm.

A C309GA Acute Guide Cannula (18 gauge), cut 3mm below the pedestal, comes as a standard part of the Microdrive and is implanted.

The Microdrive, with another guide cannula or electrode inserted in it, is then screwed onto the implanted C309GA to guide the electrode guide cannula to the area of interest. The inserted guide cannula or electrode can then be lowered or raised by turning the sleeve on the Microdrive. The guide cannula or electrode does not rotate, but simply moves up or down.


Brain Matrix

Mouse and Rat Brain Matrices are used to section the brain at varying intervals. These matrices allow either coronal or sagittal sections at either 1mm or 2mm intervals. Available in three different materials: stainless steel, acrylic, and thermoplastic to fit each specific need. Our matrices are easy to use, sterilize, and reuse without damage.

brain matrix

Sterotaxic Surgery Manual

Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 5.55.09 PM.png

Cyanoacrylate Gel

A no-mix gel that adheres the pedestal to the skull without screws. Ideal for mice and other small animals when using short pedestal cannulas - cannot be used with screws, swivels, or as a filler to build up under the pedestal. NOTE: This cannot be used in the same way as dental cement.

Advantages: Medical grade/FDA approved for use on humans. screws are not needed. moisture resistant Non-hazardous use 1 drop per application (20ga. tube will do 100 animals.)

Disadvantages: Cannot be used when using a swivel - torque will pull the cannula/electrode loose. Cannot be used to build up under the cannula to adjust depth. will not cure for a long time if too much is used. It does not secure for as long as dental cement and screws. Cannot be used with the 6-channel electrode pedestal.

glue chart

Stainless Steel Mounting Screws

stainless steel screw chart

Self-tapping stainless steel round-head machine screws with sharply cut threads. Especially made for Plastics One, Inc., for pre-clinical research. Sold in packages of 100 or in bulk starting at quantities of 500 individual screws.

stainless steel screw pic
stainless steel screw pic

Nylon Mounting Screws

Fillister-head nylon screws for applications involving radiation, x-rays, MRIs or microwaves. Head diameter: 2.25mm (.0887") Shaft diameter: 1.57mm (0.62")

Drill Holder

Securely holds Drill Bit when drilling into skull. To prevent over drilling, clamp the drill bit into the holder so that the length of the projected bit does not exceed the thickness of the skull. 

Mounting Holder

Holds electrodes and cannulas, except the 363-series electrodes, for positioning and mounting with a stereotaxic device. The standard models have a shaft diameter of 3.2mm. This shaft is to be inserted into another mounting holder on your stereotaxic instrument. You now have a mounting holder within a mounting holder. See the chart below to determine which model will fit specific brands.

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