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Single Cannula

For a working system, choose the size (gauge), type and length of your guide.
Next, add components that suits your application.
Note: These components are guaranteed for one-time use.

Standard With 3mm or 5mm Upward Projection
- Single Cannula

standard w 3 mm or 5mm upward projection.png

Dust Cap Option
Mating Dust Cap for 3mm Up Guides = 303DCFT/1
Mating Dust Cap for 5mm Up Guides = C313CAC

Short Pedestal (Mice)
- Single Cannula

short pedestal (mice).png

Short Pedestal With 3mm Upward Projection (Mice)
- Single Cannula

short pedestal with 3mm upward projection.png

Mates with MH-300 or MH-325-G Mounting Holders

Long Pedestal
- Single Cannula

long pedestal.png

Mates with MH-300 or MH-325-G Mounting Holders

Dust Caps For
- Single Cannula Infusion Systems

Screws onto the Guide Cannula to keep it clean when not in use. Can be used in place of a Cannula Dummy when occluding, or plugging, the Guide Cannula tube is not necessary.

long pedestal.png
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